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About Us

Joey Jones, owner of Protective Glass Coatings since 1993,
standing in front of a home just tinted in Del Mar, CA.

Message from the owner:

I like to thank you for coming to the website and exploring the different things that we do as a company. The purpose of the site is to give consumers the most accurate information to make a educated decision. As time goes on this site will become a resource for any one looking at window film as a solution for their glass.

As far as a mission statement, what I think are important in running a window film business (or any business for that matter):

“Be honest about your product. Be up front with the customer. Be professional. Price the job fairly. Sleep well knowing you did a great job and put up a great film. When going out on a estimate, be there as a problem solver, not a salesperson. Most importantly, be there for the customer after the job is done."

Personal Experience Statement:

I have fifteen (15) years of experience as an owner and installer for all sorts of applications. I owned and sold my first tinting business by the time I was 24 years of age. I have possessed a California State Contractors License since 1993, and have maintained that license in good standing.

Protective Glass Coatings has worked for clients on 30+ story high rise buildings in downtown San Francisco. We have tinted homes the size of single wide mobile homes, and as large as 20,000 square feet. We have come out to tint Mrs. Smith’s one window that beams the sun’s rays in her face in the afternoon. A glazing company handed me twenty-seven pieces of glass with nine rolls of pre-printed digitally printed sign material. We were asked to install this brand new venture on the glass, and make zero mistakes (We succeeded ).

Building Relationships:

If there is a part of this business we enjoy most it is building relationships with our customers, suppliers, and employees. We enjoy having relationships with engineers that run hospitals with thousands of employees, glazing companies that build multi-story buildings out of glass and metal, and property owners who use us because they know we will act professionally when working in one of their properties.

We have connections in the window film community with experienced window film contractors in Los Angeles, the Bay Area, the Central Valley and of course San Diego County. Knowing experienced window film contractors allows us to share ideas about certain special jobs we do, increase our product knowledge and gather information about products that may be useful to a client.

The most important relationship? They are all important to us, but if there is one we find most important, it's the next one we build.

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