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Frequently Asked Questions and Warranties

Frequently Asked Questions

Is window film safe for dual pane glass?

Generally speaking "Yes" and the window film manufacturers back up that claim by replacing windows where a seal may fail or window might crack. Dual pane windows fail on occasion after we install film, but the problem is extremely uncommon. Manufactured dual pane windows inherently have defects when they leave the plant. In seal failure situations most often the window already failed. We have found with experience the higher quality the window unit, the less likely the problem. The most important thing to investigate is what type of film your installing and make sure the the warranty states an adequate warranty period and replacement cost (at least $500).

What if my windows cost more than $500 to replace?

Prices on everything are going up, glass replacement is not different. That's why Huper Optik window films have an unlimited warranty available for windows at a nominal fee. If you have windows that cost $1500 to replace and are concerned about that replacement cost, an unlimited warranty from Huper Optik Window Films is the best answer to insure that a window is replaced with no out-of-pocket expense to you.

How long before I can clean my windows and with what do I clean the film?

First of all you will be pleased to know, that window film stays cleaner much longer than regular glass. You should wait about thirty (30) days to clean the glass. With Huper Optik and 3M films you can clean with Windex. All other brands tell you to use non-ammonia glass cleaner.

When installing the film is there a smelly adhesive you spray on the glass?

No. The adhesive is applied at the factory. There is a liner on the film that is removed when we are ready to apply the film. We use Joy Dishwashing Soap and water to position the film and squeegee the water from under the film. Generally speaking there is very little if any smell detected (except for the lemon fresh scent).

What if I'm allergic to the scent of lemon?

Let us know and we'll use scent-free Joy. (Okay, so this wasn't one of the frequently asked questions, but we wanted to see if anyone was keeping up....)

If I need to have the film removed? Is that a major undertaking?

The short answer is "NO". However 3M and Huper Optik films use an adhesive that is much easier to remove than Panarama, Vista or Madico. 3M and Huper Optik use a pressure sensitive adhesive, which sometimes comes off by soaking the liner on the window. Vista, Panorama, and Madico brands use a acrylic adhesive that bonds to the glass even after you have removed the film. Sometimes we feel like the only way to remove acrylic adhesives, is with a jack hammer (just kidding). Actually acrylic adhesives are rarely completely removed. Acrylic adhesives molecularly bond to glass, and there is no chemical solution to break that bond from the glass. If you are installing new film after removing an acrylic adhesive, one has to make sure as much of the old adhesive as possible has been removed before installing new film, otherwise you could have a problem. When we look at removal and how much we charge, each job is on a case-by-case basis. As a rule of thumb you can count on something between $1 and $3 per square foot.


The best way to look at warranties is to compare brands and warranty features and also call or contact us to discuss the “fine print”.

  Huper Optik
3M Hanita
Solar Zone
Period of warranty: residential lifetime lifetime lifetime
Period of warranty: commercial 15 years 10 years 12 years
Warranty transferable? yes - $200 no no
Film fades or delaminates guaranteed guaranteed guaranteed
Guaranteed against bubbling, cracking, peeling? guaranteed guaranteed guaranteed
Film and labor covered? yes yes yes
Guaranteed against seal failure/glass breakage 3 years / 5 years 3 years / 5 years 3 years / 5 years
Cap on window replacement
$500 (automatic)
unlimited (small fee)
$500 $500
Matches your existing home
yes (small fee) yes (small fee) no