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Cost Estimator

The cost estimator is a tool to estimate the cost of different installed window films. The user understands that is not our final bid price. Bidding is based on a number factors, including but not limited to accessibility, condition of windows, and any custom orders that the customer may request. The final bid price, which may be lower or higher than the figure provided in the cost estimator, can be made solely by our representative after examining the actual windows to be treated.

How to measure window dimensions

Above is a diagram that is color coded to help you understand how to take measurements on windows. First thing to remember is that each window pane is treated as a separate window treatment. The middle window in the diagram above best example of treating each window pane separately. The broken green dots represent the widest and tallest measurement on a odd shaped window. The blue arrows represent the height measurement, which would be entered into the cost estimator grid. The red arrows represent the width measurement that would be entered into the cost estimator grid.

To use estimator:

  1. Complete as many lines as necessary. The prices will automatically adjust as information is entered or changed. (If any line has part of the information required, the price for that line will read "Incomplete" and will not be included in the subtotal.)
  2. If you wish us to contact you for more information or for a formal bid, complete the Contact Information and click on the "Please Contact Me on This Estimate" button.
  3. To Print this page, use Browser's "Print" option. Left and right margins may need to be changed to .25 inches for certain browsers. We recommend using the "Print Preview" option before printing.
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