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Comparing Films

Curb Appeal: What your house will look like from the outside

In the world of window film manufacturers, each brand has a superior feature strength in one area, and weaknesses in other areas. In the late 80's the latest technology was sputter coated metallized films (less shiny than silver films (but still shiny), and offered better heat rejection than dyed films). In the 90's it was spectrally selective (super light films rejecting a lot of heat, still used today). And through the 80's until today, 3M has offered the most durable scratch resistant coating, and best adhesives in the market place. Today the latest technology is in a league of its own: Ceramic films.

The reason we like Ceramic and in particular Huper Optik's Ceramic Films is because it fills three common voids that other films don't offer in one window film: Very low-reflectivity, high heat rejection, and superior optical clarity.

A Closer Look: Comparing reflective and non-reflective film

As much as we like Huper Optik's Ceramic films, the standard reflective and dual reflective films still serve a purpose in the market place. That's why we will give you the information (pictures and specifications), price difference on the cost-estimator, and give you our best educated opinion to let you make the choice. Look below at a couple of samples to see what a high heat rejection standard reflective or dual reflective film may look like from the outside and inside, compared to Huper Optik Low Reflective Smart Films.

If you still are not sure look at the chart below to see what best describes your situation.

Film Performance-Aesthetic Comparison Chart



Dual Reflective



Fade Protection Checked Checked Checked Checked
Medium Heat Rejection Checked Checked Checked Checked
Maximum Heat Rejection Checked Checked   Checked
Least Shiny Inside     Checked Checked
Least Reflective Outside     Checked Checked
Most Reflective Inside Checked      
Most Reflective Outside Checked Checked    
Most Natural Looking     Checked Checked
All Films Dual-Pane Safe   Checked Checked Checked
Most Privacy   Checked